How it works


Step 1: Initiate

Choose General Med in the GVC app. If your Teladoc account is setup, select the member you want to have the visit about.

Step 2: Request

You can request an on-demand visit or schedule for a preferred time. Provide the physician with details about what you're currently experiencing.

Step 3: Resolve

The physician will meet with you via phone/video, and provide medical advice. They will post a visit summary to your file, and send a prescription to your local pharmacy if needed.

Frequently Asked Questions

I’m traveling to another country—can I have a Teladoc consult if I’m outside of the U.S.?

No. Teladoc consults are only available in the U.S

Can you provide services related to psychiatric or dental care needs?

Not at this time. Teladoc provides care for non-emergent medical issues.

Can Teladoc provide consults to patients who do not speak English?

Yes. Teladoc utilizes translation services to support over 250 different languages.

Does Teladoc keep my medical information private?

Yes. Teladoc is fully compliant with the Health Information Privacy and Portability Act (HIPAA)

What if I’m not actually sick, but I’m away from home without my maintenance medications? Can Teladoc prescribe me a refill?

Yes. Teladoc can prescribe a short term refill for recurring maintenance medications

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