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Unrestricted access to Telehealth, Mental Health and Prescriptions in one app.

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Physical Health

Unlimited, 24/7 Access to General Medical Care for Everyday Health Needs.

Connect with doctors around the clock. Have a health concern? We're here anytime. Plus, enjoy door-to-door medicine delivery and big savings on prescriptions.

Mental Health

Talk it out: Therapy and Mental Health Support

Connect with qualified professionals for therapy or support during challenging times. This service prioritizes your convenience and confidentiality, ensuring a safe space for dialogue whenever you need it.

User Stories

Real people sharing their health journey with us.

Catherine: Without Teladoc, I would have been admitted to a mental hospital with huge fees because I’m 23 and do not have insurance. I have PTSD. My psychiatrist gave me the medicine I was prescribed with no question. My therapist is the best I’ve ever experienced. Without Teladoc, I would not have any therapy or medicine. Teladoc has truly saved my life.

Alley: I was just so blown away by how easy it was to get access to a doctor and not just any doctor but someone who was kind and someone who’s willing to listen to you and empathize with you. To get an order for a prescription and get it by the end of the day, my mind was just completely blown.

Caleb: I absolutely love this service, very easy to use on my laptop and the video call voice and video quality were great! I was able to have my concerns/issues heard and get a treatment plan set up outside of my regular doctor office’s hours. The peace of mind that this gives the user is outstanding and very necessary. I would recommend this service to anyone 100%.

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Unrestricted access to Telehealth, Mental Health and Prescriptions in one app.

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