Enjoy healthcare benefits without insurance.

Enjoy healthcare benefits without insurance.

From your Salon

In partnership with Professional Beauty Federation, GVC is excited to offer Best-In-Class general and mental health care, crisis care, & prescription discounts
$25 a month for you and your family.

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Our Virtual Healthcare Membership covers you and your family.

Talk to a Doctor

24/7 care for non-emergency conditions like cold & flu, sinus infections, allergies, 2nd Opinions & more.

Mental Health Visits

Schedule a visit with a therapist or psychiatrist for challenges like depression, anxiety, stress, or not feeling like yourself.

Order Prescriptions

Order prescriptions from your
phone & have them delivered to your doorstep.

Prescription Discounts

Pay a fraction of the cost on retail prices for medication.

Crisis Care

Connect with a licensed professional
for anxiety, depression, or suicidal thoughts 24/7.

Family First

Distribute all benefits to your family members, at no additional cost.

Who these benefits are for

24/7/365 Virtual Healthcare Membership

Designed for anyonewithout access to insurance

An affordable, no-copay healthcare solution

Avoid 75% of Urgent Care & ER visits

Protect up to 17 people per household

How it works

No open enrollment restrictions & No hidden fees.



Register yourself & your family at only $25/month for everyone.
No copays, no hidden fees.



Download iOS or Android app. Use your Phone, or a Tablet. Easy access to your benefits, from anywhere.



Invite up to 16 family members within the household. GVC covers all of them for the same cost.


Frequently Asked Questions

Does A Membership Include In-Person Medical Visits?

The Membership is for Telemedicine and DOES NOT cover in person doctor visits, urgent care, emergency room, hospital stays or other in-person medical visits.

When Do Memberships Become Active?

All services go active within 7 days of subscription

Can The My RxValet Network Membership Be Used On Any Prescription From Any Doctor?

Yes! Your MY RxValet Network Membership can be used at 50,000 pharmacies nationwide with ANY PRESCRIPTION! It even works for Pet Medications and Mail Order!

Does A Membership Work If I Currently Have Healthcare?

Yes! A Membership is not health insurance and works independently.

Does Teladoc Include The Cost Of The Telemedicine Consultations?

Yes! There are no extra fees for on-demand Telemedicine General Medicine Consultations.

Is A GVC Membership Actual Insurance?

No. Your Membership is a bundled Virtual Healthcare Membership and not medical insurance.